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Adventure Photography – Telling a Story


When I critique student images in my photo workshops, I often see pictures that have great potential, but that don’t quite knock it out of the park. There are usually two main reasons why a photo falls short. The tendency for many novice photographers is to either focus too much on a singular piece of…


Outdoor Action & Adventure Photography: Protecting Yourself and Your Gear


Securing the camera When people talk about camera security, they usually mean keeping it from being stolen. I’m talking about not dropping it and having it go careening down the cliff while you watch little bits of metal and glass fly off before it finally explodes into a thousand pieces. (I’ve seen this happen.) Or…


Gray Light – The Beauty of Restraint


Poor gray light. Few people seem to want it. It’s too ordinary, an all-too-predictable condition in mid-latitudes, often persisting day after day to the irritation of people who know that just above that low layer of shapeless cloud (low-level stratus is the culprit), a warm bright sun is shining. Not only does it give a…

004  -¬J. Meehan

Landscape Photography: Expressions in Fog & Mist (Part II)


One of the most dramatic forms of light in a landscape setting occurs when rays of light resembling sunbeams come streaming through breaks in the clouds early or late in the day. These are crepuscular rays and certain foggy conditions can also produce this effect since fog and mist are basically earth bound clouds. Crepuscular …


The Four Seasons Series: Summer Extremes


Shooting into the sun: having the sun in shot, or including reflections on water are scenarios that are guaranteed to give you a high dynamic range that exceeds the capabilities of your camera. Contrast The harsh summer sun can create high-contrast lighting conditions that aren’t always conducive to general landscape photography, but despite what many…


Cold Winter Photography Tips


Photography in the wintertime can be incredibly rewarding. The sun travels in a lower arc across the sky, which gives you extended lengths of magic hour, especially if you live further away from the equator. Also, there’s nothing so beautiful, angelic and magical as clumps of snow on pine trees or open fields and mountainsides…

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