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Pro Photo Tips for Students – Editing vs. Post-production


WHAT EDITING MEANS I often hear young photographers refer to adjusting photographs in Photoshop as editing. It is not! That is post-production, and it is essential within the world of professional photography that you use and understand the correct language to use when referring to the processes of photography. Choosing the right image to show…


HDR Tone Mapping vs. Exposure Fusion (What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?)


One of the oldest challenges in photography is to capture important details in both highlight and shadow areas. Unfortunately, film or digital cameras can only record a finite range of brightness. The introduction of High Dynamic Range (HDR) software in recent years has become a popular way of dealing with this challenge. In addition, options…

Figure 3.63 This shows a before and after example of a grain effect applied to a photo.

Adding Grain effects in Photoshop CS6


The Effects panel also contains Grain controls (Figure 3.62). The Amount slider determines how much grain is added, while the Size slider controls the size of the grain particles. The default setting is 25 and dragging to the left or right allows you to decrease or increase the grain particle size. Note here that if…

Retro Background for Pin-Up Photography

Step-by-Step: Quick Retro Background for Your Pinup Photography


If you have spent any time looking at classic pinup images, you will notice that some of them have funky, retro backgrounds in them. If you were to purchase all of these backgrounds, you would be broke in no time, so it is much cheaper to add them in post-production. BACKGROUNDS The internet is full…

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The Fine Art of Digital Printing: Did You Know You Can Spot Inkjet Prints?


Did You Know You Can Spot Inkjet Prints? Yes, you can! Isn’t that great? If you’re not thinking so, it’s probably because you’ve got other questions.


Fa la la la la with Focal this holiday season!


I’m not exactly sure where the Fall went – somewhere between unseasonably warm weather and a freak Halloween snowstorm, it turns out to be Thanksgiving week. And everything amazing and beautiful and stressful and insane is summed up in the word: holidays. Here at Focal Press, we have been very busy putting together a non-stressful,…

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