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How to Make a Digital Negative


This hand-coated platinum/palladium print (see Figure 3.9) was made from a digital negative. One benefit of working from a digital negative is that every print gets the same exposure time without having to manually burn or dodge the print as all the corrections are made in Photoshop before exposing the paper. This allows one to…

Figure 1: A contact sheet with a large assortment of different image files on it makes a good printer/eyeball test.

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: How Much Print Sharpness Should You Care About?


Don’t believe what some author tells you is the right answer; their taste is unlikely to be the same as yours. Also, “good enough” is going to depend upon subject matter and viewing distance. Everyone’s going to get a different answer. It’s not possible to make perfectly sharp prints today, but you can figure out…

Figure 1: 1) A photograph like this demands as much sharpness as I can get from it in a print.

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: What is a Sharp Digital Print?


You can think about print sharpness in two ways; there is acceptable sharpness and then there’s perfect sharpness. Acceptable sharpness is when you look at the print and think to yourself, “Gee, that looks nice and sharp.”  For most people, an 8 x 10 print looks nice and sharp so long as it has 250-350…


Meaningful photo gifts for Moms, Dads and Grads


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the graduation season are right around the corner, and not only does that mean lots of photos ahead, but also the need for meaningful gifts for our friends and family.  With all the photos that will be taken, why not give a gift that prompts those loved ones to take…

Figure 1: This photograph prints out nice and sharp at 11x14" image size.

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: PPI? DPI? — Part 2


Last time I talked about PPI (pixels per inch) — click here to read the first article. This time it’s DPI.  People use the terms interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. In fact, DPI doesn’t even mean just one thing. DPI originally stood for “dots per inch.” That meant the halftone dots that make up…


Corel Webinar with Ken McMahon on HDR Photography


Updated on 4/25/12 — here is the link to the webinar! http://youtu.be/w8ExxnEPtSM On Wednesday April 18th, I’ll be hosting a Corel Webinar on HDR – High Dynamic Range photography. As well as going through the steps involved with producing HDR images in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4, I’ll be talking about all aspects of HDR…

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