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Using flash—Addressing Problems and Basic Workflow


Even though your flash is technically smarter than you, it has no idea how you want to light the scene. You need to give it some direction. Before blasting away, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions about how you want your photo to look. Here are the five main concerns that you…


January – February Photo Contest
Theme: Magical Light


To enter Focal Press’s January – February Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Magical Light Inspired by the book: Light Science and Magic Guest Judge – Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: –          A copy of the book Light Science & Magic –          $200 worth of Focal Press books of your choice! Two…


Gray Light – The Beauty of Restraint


Poor gray light. Few people seem to want it. It’s too ordinary, an all-too-predictable condition in mid-latitudes, often persisting day after day to the irritation of people who know that just above that low layer of shapeless cloud (low-level stratus is the culprit), a warm bright sun is shining. Not only does it give a…


A Simple Lighting Stall for Table Top Photography in Sunlight


Here is a way to produce studio quality images for all sorts of tabletop subjects from flowers to figurines using an inexpensive and easy to make lighting stall. It is based on the tried and true studio method of using a medium contrast light source while controlling the amount of fill light. The three-sided stall…

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Portrait Talk with Paul Fuqua


My goal with Mark, a master welder, was to make a classic “craftsman with his tools” portrait. There are two tried-and-true ways of creating such an image. One is to show workers in their actual work environments. The other is to picture them isolated from their workplaces but with some tool, or other item, that…

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