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The Power of EDR (Extended Dynamic Range)


I came up with the term EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) image after trying to push the limits of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), which are comparable to the limits we find in Adobe’s Lightroom too. Pushing the limits means trying to see how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows, and how much the…


Surreal Photography – Miniature #2


Below is an excerpt from Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible by Daniela Bowker Miniature #2 By Vanessa Paxton The concept behind this image was simple: a miniature girl in a normal-sized world. I thought that it would be interesting to use photography to bring to life the story of Thumbelina with some images inspired by…

Bayer mosaic pattern found on some digital camera sensors.

Color in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Lightroom handles editing and color management of files differently than Photoshop. This is mainly because Lightroom is, first and foremost, a Raw processor. It has other important functions, such as image asset management and the production of web galleries, but its primary purpose is working with Raw digital camera files. In reviewing how color is…

Cosmetic Makeover

Cosmetic Makeover in Photoshop


Even the plainest face can be given a lift with some judicious surgery – and a little makeup. This is the kind of Photoshop effect you can spend a lifetime perfecting – and then get a job on Vogue. 1 The first step in a job like this is to use Filter > Liquify and…

Video: Working with Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6


Did you upgrade to Photoshop CS6? Post a comment below and let us know if you upgraded — and, if not, what version of Photoshop are you using? If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Martin’s Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers, include your email address when you register! One winner…


Making the Basilica


Originally posted to Harold Davis’ successful Photoblog2.0 — visit www.digitalfieldguide.com for more information! I’ve been asked a number of times about the process behind the making of my images of the Basilica Mission Dolores, shown below and in Looking for Light. This is a monochromatic style that I’ve developed intentionally that is based upon High…

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