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FIGURE 2.5 An example of a print made from a properly exposed and developed negative.

Working with Problem Negatives


Let’s consider the four basic problems that photographers encounter when trying to make a good print from a negative that has been improperly exposed and developed. As you will see, these four problems fall into two categories: solvable problems and those that are fatal to achieving fine prints. THE SOLVABLE PROBLEMS Overexposure and underdevelopment are…

Figure 4

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: Easy, Pleasing Skin Tones


Extraordinarily accurate color rendition is a hallmark of today’s digital cameras and color films (especially when said films are scanned rather than printed in the darkroom). Unfortunately, accuracy is not what we are always after. Sometimes we want a photograph to look good, not correct. Skin tones are a special problem, simply because our brains…

Figure 1: Here's how I frame my inkjet prints. I think the double matte and the silver frame give my work a nice "museum" look.

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: How to Display Inkjet Prints


Properly displayed, good inkjet prints can last a very long time. Seek out the better, more long-lived media.

Figure 2: The curves adjustment I used for the dodging layer in Figure 1 and the mask I painted in. This layer brings out detail in the deep shadows and midtones without washing out the true blacks. @ Ctein

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: Layers are the Way to Dodge and Burn


It’s hard to get the tonal changes to work exactly the way you want them to, with the degree of control we’ve come to expect in digital printing. Furthermore, for those of us with a darkroom background, the built-in software tools never produce results that look as good as what we could achieve on the enlarger easel. Layers are the solution.


Andrew Darlow on Printing from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


I’m really looking forward to presenting at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City this Thursday on one of my favorite topics: Printing from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I’ve been making prints using inkjet printers, and through professional photo labs for more than 15 years. One of the biggest “pain points” that my students and consulting…

Digital Printing 3 figure 1

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: What Color Space Are You In?


This is one of a series of short pieces that will be appearing weekly at masteringphoto.com You could be shortchanging yourself when it comes to color rendition in your digital prints. All the colors in the color photograph exist within what’s called a “color space.” That’s just a mathematical/software description of all the possible colors…

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