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DSLR proves adequate replacement for iPhone camera!


It was the first day of my visit and I was checking my Instagram and already planning some shots of one of the world’s most photogenic cities, when disaster struck. My iPhone was suddenly knocked out of my hand and — smash! The screen was shattered. I was in New York on a trip that…

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Street shooting tips for mobile photographers


A street photographer is like a hunter. Success depends getting close and capturing your target in a natural state. To do this, you have to shoot without being seen. If your target sees you taking photos, they may either disappear completely or – even worse – put on a cheesy grin. Mobile phone cameras are…


Street Photography – Etiquette and Taking Photos on the Sly


Taking photos on the sly How you decide to approach street photography will to a large extent depend on your personality. If you’re quite confident and don’t mind the occasional confrontation, you can do pretty much whatever you like. It’s worth being aware, however, that people’s attitudes and postures change if they realize they are…

Street Photography

Street Photography Done Right


Street photography is many people’s favorite form of photography, and when it’s done well it can produce fantastic results. For some people, street photography is photography at its purest, because the best images are invariably about a precise moment in time that captures a mood and tells a story, with no second chance if you…


February Photo Contest Winners
Theme: Street Photography


Thank you to author Michael Freeman for acting as our guest judge for the February contest! The theme was “street photography,” sponsored by Michael’s, The Photographer’s Story. First Place Choice: “l’Inspecteur” by Alexandre da Veiga, Braintree, MA, USA What Michael had to say: Storytelling is notoriously difficult to carry off in a single image, so…

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February Photo Contest: Street Photography


The brand new contest location for the Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest is now open! Enter your image here: Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest The theme for the February contest is “STREET PHOTOGRAPHY” sponsored by The Photographer’s Story by Michael Freeman. Photography’s greatest success has been in storytelling, based on its unique ability to capture…

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